Consumer Insights Survey 2023

Our Consumer Insights Report shows what consumers in Northern Ireland have been experiencing in the last year regarding their household finances, consumer issues, scams, and shopping around for essential goods and services.

Key Findings:

  • Nearly two in five (38%) respondents had been targeted by a scam in the three years prior to the research, with close to a fifth (18%) of these individuals having fallen for the scam.
  • More than half (52%) of respondents disagreed that their household is better off financially than it was 12 months earlier, whilst around a third (34%) disagreed that the financial position of their household would be better in 12 months’ time.
  • Around half (47%) of respondents had experienced a consumer issue in the 12 months prior to the research. However, if a consumer issue was experienced, about half (48%) of respondents suggested that they would not complain or that they were not sure if they would do so.
  • Home energy prices (85%), food prices (80%), and petrol and diesel prices (67%) were the issues about which respondents were most likely to be concerned.
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