Regular boiler servicing

Having your boiler serviced regularly is essential to ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely. In conjunction with OFTEC we have produced a series of short practical videos to help you understand the importance of getting your boiler serviced and why you should use an OFTEC registered engineer. Watch the video on Facebook.

To find a OFTEC registered technician visit the OFTEC website.

Oil Buying Club

An Oil Buying Club is a group of homes in an agree who buy home heating oil together meaning you can negotiate and get a preferential rate. The best way to negotiate a great price for your Club, is NI Oil Buying Network negotiating on the intended bulk order, on behalf of an area of clubs. Savings made are passed on to all members. The more people that take part in the initial orders, the greater the savings. 

Regular oil payments

The Northern Ireland Oil Federation has PayPoint facilities to enable you to budget and make regular payments towards your oil delivery instead of having to pay for your delivery in a lump sum.

Avoid emergency oil drums

Avoid buying 20 litre emergency oil drums from forecourts as a regular means of topping up your oil tank as they are extremely expensive and should only be used in emergency circumstances.

Cost of living
Compare oil prices

Home heating oil price checker

We gather oil prices from across Northern Ireland so that you can check if you are getting a competitive price for your order.