Energy bill support

Energy costs have been supported by the UK Government from October 2022 through a number of different schemes: Energy Price Guarantee, Energy Bill Support Scheme, Alternative Fuel Payment, and the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (replaced by the Energy Bills Discount Scheme (EBDS) from April 2023). Under the EBDS, most domestic consumers on eligible heat networks will receive a higher rate of support than most other consumers who receive the EBDS.

Energy bill support and heat networks

As part of the support, all schemes have pass-through requirements, meaning the benefit of any support received should be passed on to the end user in a “just and reasonable way”. This means if your heat network received a discount it should be passed through to you, as the end user.

Not all heat networks’ energy bills will have received support from the schemes – this will depend on the rates paid by your network.

If you haven’t had a discount from your heat network manager

Check with your heat network manager. Not all heat networks will have received a discount – this will depend on the rates it was paying.

If you haven’t received your discount and think that you should, you can complain to your heat network manager. They have eight weeks to respond.

If you are still unhappy, you can contact us  to help.