Free Water Bill Check from the Consumer Council

This free service provide you with a simple breakdown and explanation of your water bill. It makes sure that you are being billed correctly and will help identify opportunities for you to save money on your water bills, or become more water efficient. 

How we have helped businesses and individuals save on their water bills

Over the last number of years we have helped local businesses save over £274,000 on their water bills. Some recent examples of savings local businesses have made:

  • An ice cream parlour save £3,424 a year by following our free advice on using equipment.
  • An accountancy firm reduced their bill from £840 to £255 by changing the way they are billed.
  • A hairdresser saved £350 a year by implementing water efficiency practices.
  • A local charity saved £1,090 a year by changing their supply pipe to a more suitable size for their needs.

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Find out if you could be saving money on your water bills in Northern Ireland.