Business electricity price comparison tool

If you run a business in Northern Ireland, use our electricity price comparison tool to see if you could be paying less.

Our comparison tool calculates the results using up to date tariffs that suppliers provide to the Consumer Council and the energy consumption that you entered. The annual costs are indicative only and do not constitute an official quote. The costs do not include VAT, government levies or other charges as these depend on the amount of energy you use and the nature of your businesses or organisation. Please note:

  • Suppliers change their tariffs regularly. The tariffs listed may not be available if you don’t ring the supplier immediately or ask them to contact you.
  • Suppliers may offer you a different price depending on your circumstances or your billing and/or payment method.
  • You may have to pay a security deposit.
  • The Consumer Council does not receive any commission from any supplier.

Read the terms and conditions of our business energy price comparison tool here.

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kWh per year, maximum consumption is 50,000kWh.

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