Electric Ireland announces a 15% price decrease

Electric Ireland has announced a price decrease of 15% for their domestic electricity customers. This decrease will be effective from 4 June 2024 and will see around £206 savings for a typical customer with a standard rate credit meter and a standard rate keypad meter. 

Raymond Gormley, our Head of Energy Policy said: “This price decrease is welcome news given the cost-of-living pressures many households in Northern Ireland continue to experience as energy prices remain significantly higher than the pre-pandemic norm. 

“Now that all five of the suppliers have made reductions to their electricity prices, we encourage consumers to use our free online Energy Price Comparison Tool to check that they are on the best deal or if they could save money by switching supplier, billing method or tariff. 

“We also urge anyone who is struggling to pay their energy bills or top-up their meters to contact their supplier directly for help and support.

“ Visit Energy efficiency | Consumer Council which has information on how to run your home more energy effieciently to save money."

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