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26th January 2022

Home Heating Oil

Weekly oil survey providing the average pricing for 300, 500, and 900 litres of home heating oil across Northern Ireland.


Boiler Servicing

Having your boiler serviced regularly is essential to ensuring that it runs efficiently and safely. In conjunction with OFTEC we have produced a series of short practical videos to help you understand the importance of getting your boiler serviced and why you should use an OFTEC registered engineer. Watch the video on Facebook.

To find a OFTEC registered technician visit the OFTEC website.

Home Heating Oil Survey

Are you paying the right price to fill your oil tank? Every week we survey suppliers across Northern Ireland to benchmark prices on the cost of home heating oil. You might have a regular supplier, but you may save money by using this tool to check if you are paying more than average on the cost of home heating oil. Make sure to shop around and look at other suppliers, as many of the suppliers will deliver further afield at no extra cost.

Not every town or supplier is represented but we hope this information gives you an idea of what you could be paying, and helps you shop around for a better deal.