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Air Travel

We can help if you have had a delay or cancellation, by providing information about your rights or helping to resolve complaints with airlines and airports.

Ferry Travel

We provide information about your rights when sailing and can help resolve complaints with ferry companies or terminal operators. 

Video Series: Northern Ireland Travel Rights

A video series hosted by Richard Williams, Head of Transport at The Consumer Council, giving an overview of your consumer rights in relation to cancelled & delayed flights/ferry sailings, and travel insurance.

Public Transport

We can help if you have an issue with your bus or rail journey. 

Taxi Services

We represent consumers on the Northern Ireland Taxi Forum and work to ensure that taxi services meet passengers' needs. 

Access to Air & Sea Travel

Special assistance services available when flying or sailing. 

Private Car Parks

Information on Parking Charge Notices, how to avoid them and what to do if you get one. 

Coronavirus: Advice for Northern Ireland Travellers

Advice for Northern Ireland travellers whose holidays and travel plans may be affected by COVID-19 (coronavirus), including the latest information on airlines, ferries, package holidays, travel insurance, public transport and cancelled travel plans (including refunds).

Flybe: Important Information

Passenger information if you are affected by the collapse of Flybe