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I recently took 44 of our school pupils on a school excursion where we endured a flight delay

I am a teacher at a local school.  We recently took 44 of our pupils on a school excursion to Amsterdam.  Unfortunately our return flight was delayed by almost four hours.  I am aware that you can claim for compensation if your flight has been delayed or cancelled under EU Regulations.

I have written to the airline and asked them to provide the necessary compensation per passenger however the airline has not responded.   We would appreciate if you could intervene at this stage and contact the airline on our behalf.


The Consumer Council contacted the airline and asked them to investigate the delay to the flight and confirm if compensation was payable.

  • The airline advised that the flight was delayed due to circumstances within the airline’s control therefore compensation was due.
  • The airline apologised for not responding to the consumer’s original letter.
  • The airline asked for consent from each of the children to allow the school to receive the compensation in one payment. 
  • Each pupil affected by the delay received compensation of €250 totalling €11,250 in compensation. 
  • The teacher and the pupils involved were very happy with the outcome.