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Consumer Skills
12th September 2000

Uncle Andy's Dodgy Deals on Wheels

<p>Uncle Andy, Ulster’s loveable rogue, is the focus of the General Consumer Council’s new bus advertising campaign to help consumers avoid dodgy deals.</p>

Date of Issue : Monday 11 September ‘00 Embargo: 1:00pm Tuesday 12 Sept ‘00 Uncle Andy, Ulster’s loveable rogue, is the focus of the General Consumer Council’s new bus advertising campaign to help consumers avoid dodgy deals. Uncle Andy’s posters headlined “DODGY DEALS. NEED ADVICE?” will advertise ConsumerLine ( – Northern Ireland’s unique consumer advice website. Passers by and motorists will see Uncle Andy fly by on buses throughout the province. Carol Edwards, Education Officer with the Consumer Council, said: “For most people Uncle Andy is just a TV character but unfortunately many are suffering daily at the hands of rogues and cowboys. ConsumerLine is a way for the public to stand up and win. It is an excellent resource for both individual consumers and advice organisations to help them fight back against rip-offs and bad service. Expert consumer help is now available at your fingertips 24 hrs a day.” With internet usage growing daily, the Council believes that a website is an ideal way to give consumers appropriate, up to date, information when they need it most. From counterfeit goods to overcharging, from problems with public transport to second hand car purchases will put consumers straight on their legal rights and how to complain. Explaining the involvement of ‘Uncle Andy’ Carol said: “Everything about Uncle Andy is seriously dodgy, from the slick hairstyle to the over the top jewellery and the fake ‘leather’ jacket. He may be a loveable rogue but you wouldn’t trust him as far as you could throw him. When we began our search for the dodgy character to feature in our campaign Uncle Andy’s just had to be our number one!” Uncle Andy gave his views on the new bus campaign and ConsumerLine website. “It’s just not fair. I have my rights too you know. I want the right to rip people off! This bus campaign and website are one sure way of putting me out of business.” END Check it out at Notes to Editors 1 ConsumerLine is produced by the General Consumer Council for Northern Ireland with help from the District Councils. It is designed as a vital source of information for consumers and retailers 2 A Photocall will be held at 2.00pm on Tuesday 12 September at the Ozone Carpark on Ormeau Embankment. Uncle Andy aka Martin Reid will be available for photos beside a Citybus featuring the ConsumerLIne bus ad. Maeve Bell, Director of the Council and Carol Edwards, Education Officer will also attend for photos and interviews. 3 Promotional posters featuring ‘dodgy dealer’ Uncle Andy can be seen on 140 buses for the next 4 weeks throughout Northern Ireland. Postcards advertising the website will also be distributed around consumer and advice organisations. 3 ConsumerLine offers free information to help consumers tackle typical consumer problems and points them in the right direction if they need expert help. It is easy to use and is also accessible for visually impaired people who already use the Internet. Contact: Carol Edwards Tel: 028 90 672488