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19th September 2008


Commenting on today’s news announcement that ASDA that they have dropped the price of petrol and diesel at all their stations across Northern Ireland, Eleanor Gill, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council said:

“At a time when consumers are struggling to make ends meet, ASDA’s move to lower their petrol prices is welcomed by the Consumer Council on two counts.  Firstly, ASDA continues to give every one of their customers here the same competitive price no matter where they live, which is in stark contrast to local pricing policies adopted by Tesco and Sainsbury’s which we believe to be unfair.  Secondly, once again, ASDA appears to be leading the competition across supermarket and independent petrol retailers as opposed to following the competition which is good news for consumers.  We encourage all petrol suppliers to provide their best possible price to consumers here, and for Tesco and Sainsbury to give one, transparent and competitive price across all their outlets.

Turning to the current price of petrol and diesel on the forecourts, Eleanor Gill continued: “Although ASDA’s move is welcome, the Consumer Council is not convinced that prices are as low as they could be at this time.  Cheaper prices could and should be offered at the petrol pumps even when the currency exchange differences between pounds and dollars are taken into account.  The Consumer Council has been tracking petrol and diesel prices at local supermarket and independent forecourts over the last few months and we will be releasing further petrol pricing analysis in the near future.”

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