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Consumer Skills
06th February 2020

Empowering and innovative education project shortlisted for housing award

An education project created by The Consumer Council and Triangle Housing, with support from Mid and East Antrim Borough Council, has been shortlisted for the ‘Working in partnership’ award at the Chartered Institute of Housing 2020 Housing Awards.

Triangle Housing worked in partnership with The Consumer Council to create a new and innovative way to educate, inform and empower tenants with learning disabilities in supported living to manage their household energy. The end result was a video modelling project entitled ‘Empowerment through Media; Energy Efficiencies’.

Chris Alexander, Chief Executive at Triangle Housing, said: “This was a very useful project as it was new and innovative for both Triangle Housing and The Consumer Council.

“We met with The Consumer Council, and through collaborative working, agreed a script for the videos. Our Tenant Advisory Group members reviewed the scripts, which meant that people with learning difficulties were involved every step of the way from script writing, filming and editing. It is great to see all of this hard work recognised by being shortlisted for this award.”

Leanne McCafferty, Participation and Engagement Manager at Triangle Housing, said: “This project was invaluable because it raised the profile of learning disabilities and showcased service users’ abilities not disabilities to the wider community.

“Making the videos also improved the well-being of those involved, as they felt they were making a meaningful difference. Their involvement improved their confidence and made them feel like valued citizens.”

John French, Chief Executive at The Consumer Council, said: “We are delighted that this project has been shortlisted for the ‘Working in partnership’ award.

“The Consumer Council has been using these videos on our website and social media, as well as at various outreach events to educate and inform the wider community. As the approach we took with these videos has resulted in a resource that is available online 24/7, this has also helped improved service delivery for Triangle Housing. For example in a power cut, tenants can watch the videos on their phone about what to do.

“Our aim is for these videos to have a lasting and positive impact on communities across Northern Ireland.”

The videos are available on The Consumer Council's website and YouTube channel.