12th February 2015

Consumer Council welcomes Power NI Tariff Reduction

The Consumer Council has welcomed today’s announcement by Power NI to decrease its domestic tariffs by 9.2 per cent from 01 April 2015.

Aodhan O ‘Donnell, interim chief executive of The Consumer Council said: “Power NI’s 551,000 domestic customers will benefit from this reduction, with the average household bill decreasing by £53.

Aodhan added “Today’s announcement by Power NI alongside Budget Energy’s    tariff reduction announcement earlier in the week is good news for consumers and for the energy market. We are calling on other electricity and gas companies to step up to the mark, reduce their prices and open the way for a much more competitive local energy market.”

“Consumers can also help promote competition between suppliers by shopping around to take advantage of falling prices.  Our advice is to stay alert to supplier price changes and be prepared to switch where savings can be made. Consumers being active in the market will motivate companies to work harder to attract or retain their customers, provide better customer service and  offer competitive deals.”

The Consumer Council provides the all the information consumers need to find out if they could save money. We have a price comparison table on our website as well as a step by step guide to switching supplier.  Consumers can contact us on 0800 121 6022 or email [email protected] or contact us via facebook and twitter.