14th June 2018

The Consumer Council Reminds Irish Ferries Passengers of Their Rights

The Consumer Council has reminded passengers of their rights following confirmation of further Irish Ferries cancellations between Ireland and France this summer.  

Affecting another 19,000 passengers, the cancellations are the result of delays in the construction of Irish Ferries’ WB Yeats ferry, which was due to sail between Ireland and France. In April 10,000 passengers due to sail in July were informed their sailings would be cancelled. 

Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport Policy at The Consumer Council said: “This news will be terribly disappointing for so many holidaymakers who were looking forward to getting away this summer. Passengers who were due to sail on the WB Yeats ferry are entitled to an alternative sailing to their destination at the earliest opportunity under comparable conditions at no additional cost, or a full refund. Passengers may also be entitled to compensation depending on the length of delay to their final destination and the cause of the delay. 

“Consumers affected by these cancellations should, in the first instance, contact Irish Ferries on 00 353 818 300 400 or email [email protected] and initiate complaint proceedings with them.  If you are not happy with the outcome you can then appeal this decision to the National Transport Authority which is the National Enforcement Body for Maritime Passenger Rights in Ireland.  They can be contacted on 00 353 187 98300 or email [email protected],” said Scott.   Further information is available on the Authorities website at the following link:

The Consumer Council’s ‘Plain Sailing’ guide outlines ferry passengers’ rights when faced with delays and cancellations. Copies are free and available by contacting The Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022. The Plain Sailing guide can also be downloaded from or passengers can contact The Consumer Council via facebook or twitter.  

Your Rights At A Glance

  • Choice of an alternative sailing OR a full refund.
  • Overnight accommodation if necessary, provided by the ferry company where possible (but not in instances of severe weather). It can be limited to €80 per night and maximum of three nights.
  • You may be entitled to compensation depending on length of delay to your destination and it will be a percentage of the cost of your ticket price. You are not entitled to compensation where delays are caused by severe weather or extraordinary circumstances.