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24th January 2017

Check You Are Getting the Best Fare Advises Consumer Council

Translink Fares Increase of 1.6% is an average - Some fares are increasing, some remain the same and others are reducing.

Following today’s fares announcement from Translink that fares will be increasing by on average 1.6% from 27th March 2017; the Consumer Council are advising passengers, especially those who pay by cash, to check with Translink to see if they are receiving the best value fare for their journey.

Speaking about the announcement, Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport at the Consumer Council said “Although we are naturally disappointed that prices are increasing, we understand the rationale behind this change.”

“Our message to consumers, especially those who pay regularly by cash, is that savings still can be made if they use multi journey, or weekly/monthly passes. For example, a passenger travelling from Belfast City Centre to the Ulster Hospital will pay £2 in cash. The same journey using a multi journey card will be £1.35 after the fare revision. Therefore, five journeys could cost £10 if paying cash but only £6.75 using the multi journey card, a saving of £3.25 on just five journeys.”

Anyone who wants more information on the best tickets available should visit the ‘What Ticket’ section on the Translink website  or contact the Translink Contact Centre on 028 9066 6630.