04th August 1999


<p>The General Consumer Council welcomes the publication of a guide to best practice for airports when they cope with delayed flights.</p>

“Many holiday makers tell horror stories caused by flight delays, especially during the summer. We want to see flight delays minimised but when they do occur waiting passengers deserve good care.” said Lillian Buchanan, a Consumer Affairs Officer at the Council. “Flight delays are rarely the fault of the airport but the airport can help to lessen the distress of passengers. This check list shows the many things that can be done.” “Both the Belfast airports have managed major disruptions and we are discussing with them how the best practice guide applies to their operations.” The guide was developed for UK airports by the Air Transport Users Council and it has been endorsed by the Airport Operators’ Association. It contains 34 practical tips on the provision of information, facilities and services for passengers and controlling passenger flows. Note to Editors For further information please contact Lillian Buchanan at office: 01232 672488 or e-mail [email protected]