18th April 2019

Be EGGstra prepared if you are travelling this Easter

Travelling during popular times, such as the Easter period, can be busier and more stressful than usual. Following some recent disruptions to air and sea travel, The Consumer Council has put together some tips to help your Easter break go as smoothly as possible.

Richard Williams, Head of Transport Policy at The Consumer Council, said: “To help ensure your Easter travel is as stress free as possible, we have the following top travel tips:

  • Be prepared – Leave plenty of time to allow for unforeseen delays such as traffic jams or queues going through airport security;
  • Know your rights – Pack a copy of our ‘Plane Facts’ or ‘Plain Sailing’ leaflet in your hand luggage which explain your rights if your travel is delayed or cancelled;
  • Stay up to date - Check with your airline/airport or ferry operator for the most up to date travel advice and information;
  • Know hand luggage allowances and restrictions – Hand luggage allowances vary between airlines, and are becoming more strictly enforced. Check with your airline how many and what size of bags you can take, and with the Department for Transport on hand luggage restrictions at;
  • Pre-book hold baggage - To avoid additional fees at check-in;
  • Pre-book car parking - It can save you money;
  • Check-in online - Avoid additional charges by using the online check-in facility;  
  • Pre-book special assistance 48 hours in advance - If you have a disability or reduced mobility, ensure you get the assistance you need; and
  • Ensure your travel insurance meets your needs - Pay attention that it fully covers you if flying or sailing from the Republic of Ireland.”

 For more information and advice, download ‘Plane Facts’ or ‘Plain Sailing’ from our website Alternatively, call 0800 121 6022 to request a free copy.