About Private Car Parking Notices

Parking Charge Notices are issued by private car parking companies, if you have parked for longer than you are allowed to. They are different to parking tickets or Penalty Charge Notices which is issued by a local authority. The acronym is the same for both (PCN).

If you receive a Penalty Charge Notice you can find information on how to pay or appeal by visiting the NI Direct website.

How to avoid getting a Parking Charge Notice

  • Read the signs – Be sure to look for signage which confirms the length of time you are allowed to park, and other terms and conditions
  • Park correctly – Parking Charge Notices are not just for over-staying. You can be ticketed for parking over the white lines
  • Show your permits – If you are a permit-holder, or blue badge carrier, ensure it is clearly visible
  • Check your registration – Ensure you enter the correct car registration in Pay and Display machines. Failure to do so will lead to a Parking Charge Notice even if you have paid the correct amount
  • Do not use blue badge or permit holder spaces – Unless you have the permits to do so, parking in spaces for blue badge or permit holders may result in clamping as well as a Penalty Charge Notice; and 
  • Always keep your ticket – Just in case you receive a parking charge notice
  • If you work in a retail park – If you are employed by a retailer within a privately managed car park/site, you may be exempt from paying parking charges if there is a parking scheme in place. Speak to your employer for further advice and to provide your registration details.
Private Parking

Appealing a Private Car Parking Notice

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to appeal a Private Car Parking Notice and not have to pay it.