How to complain effectively

Follow the steps below on how to complain properly:

  • if something has gone wrong, contact the company straight away
  • ask the company for a copy of their complaints procedure so you can be sure that they are handling your complaint correctly
  • if you are complaining by telephone, take notes of the call. Make a note of the person’s name that you are speaking to, what they say, what you say. Make a note of what you want to say and how you want the problem to be solved
  • make sure you have the necessary documents from the company ready (bills, letters etc). The documents may have a reference number that you may need when speaking to the company
  • have a pen and paper ready so you can note the person’s name you were talking to, and a record of what they said
  • if you are making a complaint by telephone, follow it up with a letter, or email especially if your complaint is serious
  • if you decide to complain by letter first, ensure that you explain the problem fully, what action you have taken so far, who you dealt with and what happened as a result. We have template letters that can help.
  • always make a copy of anything you send and always keep the original documents
  • if you become involved in a dispute with your energy company, it is important to make a note of meter readings and the dates they were taken

What resolutions you can expect from the company

  • an apology
  • an explanation of what went wrong
  • a solution to an outstanding problem
  • a financial reward
  • an operational or policy change within the company/sector

When to raise a complaint to the Consumer Council

If you have raised a complaint with the company and allowed them time to respond, and have either not received a response or are unhappy with the response, we may be able to help.

Submit your complaint to us online.