Happy Holidays!

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The Consumer Council is launching a four-week ‘Happy Holiday’ campaign today just as the summer season kicks in and many take to the skies and seas this weekend for their annual summer holiday.  The campaign aims to equip holiday makers with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities so they can avoid a horrid holiday howler.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport at the Consumer Council said:  “If you were stuck in a hot, overcrowded terminal facing a six-hour delay, would you know what your entitlements were?  If no, then the Consumer Council is urging you to pack a copy of either our ‘Plane Facts’ or ‘Plain Sailing’ travel guide in your hand luggage so you can have a happy holiday.

“Unfortunately, things can and do go wrong when travelling.  If your holiday is waylaid by delays or cancellations our Consumer Support team (0800 121 6022) is here to help you over the summer season.  Last year we helped over 730 travellers gain back £70,000 in good will gestures and compensation.

The Consumer Council’s travel guides Plane Facts, Plain Sailing, Access to Air Travel & Access to Ferry Travel for those with a disability or reduced mobility and travel podcasts are available to download on our website, Facebook and Twitter accounts”.


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