06th March 2019

The Consumer Council welcomes LINK’s “Access to Cash” report

The Consumer Council welcomes the final report into “Access to Cash” which has been produced by LINK. The report confirmed that consumers are using cash less and less, but as a society we are not yet ready to go cashless.

Scott Kennerley, Director of Financial Services at The Consumer Council said, “Statistics from the Financial Conduct Authority show that 30% of Northern Ireland consumers visit an ATM several times a week compared to 11.4% of consumers in the UK. Northern Ireland consumers also withdraw an average of £5,273 per annum compared to £3,710.10 in the UK”.

Scott added, “Many consumers prefer to either use cash only, or a mix of cash and card. The Consumer Council will continue to work closely with LINK to ensure continued access to free ATMs, particularly in rural areas”.

For further information visit www.consumercouncil.org.uk or call 0800 121 6022.