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01st April 2022

Scams: Important Consumer Advice

Information and advice on how to report a scam, types of scams, latest scam news and additional resources.

Scams advice and information

Includes information on the different types of scams and top tips on how to stay safe. 

Includes information on who to report scams to and their contact information.

Includes information on the latest scam news and different types of scams going around.

Includes the top COVID-19 scams and tips on keeping yourself safe.

Includes the most common business scams and tips on how to avoid falling for them.

Includes a range of scam-themed educational activities and quizzes that consumers of all ages can get involved with.

Includes information on our Banking Protocol campaign with ScamwiseNI partners. 

A new inclusive programme to help people with learning difficulties avoid scams.


The Consumer Council is proud to be a partner in ScamwiseNI. This partnership works together to keep people safe from scams and our message is if you can spot a scam you can stop a scam. The Partnership has over 45 members representing statutory and voluntary organisations as well as government departments and financial institutions.

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