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08th June 2022

The Consumer Council's Interactive Online Tools

The Consumer Council has a variety of free, online and interactive tools that can help you save money.

Save money on your household bills

Home Budgeting

This budgeting tool aims to help you understand what you are spending your money on. You enter income and expenditure figures which results in a report that helps identify major areas of spending. It also tells you what money you have left over at the end of the month.

It is totally anonymous and The Consumer Council will not record any of your personal data.

Access our Home Budgeting Tool


Home Energy Price Comparison

Our energy price comparison tool will enable you to compare electricity and gas tariffs for every supplier in Northern Ireland.

Access our Home Energy Price Comparison Tool


Home Heating Oil Price Checker

Are you paying the right price to fill your oil tank? Every week we contact home heating oil suppliers from across Northern Ireland to bring you the cheapest, dearest and average home heating oil prices. You can use this information as a benchmark to see how much the average cost of oil is in your region.

Access our weekly Home Heating Oil Comparison Tool


Appliance Cost Checker

We’ve developed some handy tools to help you see how much money your electrical appliances are costing you to run. Just go to the two links below to see how much your Sunday roast costs to cook or how much you spend on lighting the tree for Santa Claus.

The single appliance checker will let you see how much appliances cost to run on a per minute, per hour and per day basis. Handy for checking out how much that new fridge will cost to run.

Access our SINGLE Appliance Cost Checker

Access our Common Appliances Cost Checker

Save money on motoring costs

Fuel Price Checker

Our fuel price checker tool will enable you to compare fuel prices across Northern Ireland. 

  • It's easy to use. Just click on the location and the prices pop up.
  • Access our Petrol and Diesel Pricing Tool using your mobile anywhere or anytime.
  • If you plan to travel why not use our Petrol and Diesel Pricing Tool to check the prices at your destination. They might be cheaper there.

Access our Fuel Price Checker

Tools for businesses

Business Energy Price Comparison

Our small business energy price comparison tool will enable your small business, charity or organisation to compare electricity and natural gas prices from suppliers in Northern Ireland.​​

Access our Business Energy Price Comparison Tool

Transport Knowledge Hub

For the last 10 years' the Consumer Council has collected price data across a number of categories including ferries, public transport, fuel and flights. This Transport Knowledge Hub provides you with this data in an interactive way.

Transport Knowledge Hub

A-Z Advice Directory

Advice Directory

Our directory provides a quick reference for consumers, organisations, staff and volunteers involved in advocacy, advice and information work or anyone in an advice or signposting role.

We have tried to include as many relevant and popular sections that we could think of, but if there is a topic you feel is missing, please let us know and we will gladly consider its inclusion.

Access our online A-Z Advice Directory

COVID-19: The latest information and advice

Coronavirus: Important Consumer Advice

The Consumer Council's dedicated COVID-19 webpage with information and advice across a variety of topics including travel, home energy, water, personal finances, shopping and food safety, postal services and more!

Access our dedicated COVID-19 webpage

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