I was travelling with 2 young kids & missed check-in by 1 minute and then charged for another flight

I booked a flight to return home after a funeral with my two children. It was a very emotional time and we were having to travel back on the same day that the funeral took place. In order to get on the flight we had to be at the check-in desk by 4:10pm. We got there at 4:11pm. Despite being only one minute late, the staff told us that we could not board and we would have to pay for additional flights to get home. I explained the circumstances however they showed no sympathy. I complained to the airline but they didn’t even respond to me so I asked the Consumer Council for help.


  • The Consumer Council showed understanding to the consumer and liaised with the airline on the consumer’s behalf.
  • The airline responded and provided an apology.
  • The Consumer Council obtained a full refund for the additional flights which they had to pay totalling £150.