I am an elderly farmer and received a high water bill following a leak

My mother is in her 90s and received a huge water bill for over £2,500. We contacted the water company for help and advice and subsequently submitted forms to claim for a leakage allowance. It took us sometime to find the leak on my mum’s 27 acre farm and when we eventually did get it repaired, we sent the forms back immediately. Much to our distress we were then advised that we were outside of the claim period: we were never given any timescales for completion. We were told that my mother had to pay over £2,500 or face having further action taken. We went to the Consumer Council and they immediately helped by listening and taking on board our concerns.


  • The Consumer Council explained the complaints process to the consumer and started liaising with the water company on their behalf.
  • The Consumer Council highlighted to the company that we were not provided with all of the information.
  • The Consumer Council got over £2,500 taken off the bill.
  • In addition the Consumer Council also got the water company to include more information on the claim forms to further help people in the future.