I keep receiving sales calls and visits from an energy company hassling me to switch

I am an elderly gentleman who lives on my own and suffers from very ill health.  Due to my illness I often spend my evenings in bed. I have encountered several issues with regards to unwanted sales calls to my house from the same energy company. Over the past few weeks I have had three visits from the energy company looking to speak with someone who does not live at my address. These calls have been made despite there being a large sign on my door stating “no cold callers”.

I have, on each occasion, explained that the person they are looking for does not live at my address and on each occasion I have been given assurances that no further calls will be made, however I have continued to receive the unsolicited visits. I am extremely anxious about these calls and fear that my electricity supply will be switched in error.  Furthermore, these calls are extremely inconvenient given my health issues and they are causing me unnecessary stress.



The Consumer Council contacted the energy company on behalf of the consumer. As a result of our investigation, we obtained an assurance from the energy company to complete a full review of their processes, to improve the speed of notifications between the field team and their back office team. Furthermore, the energy company acknowledged that the consumer received a poor service and suffered unnecessary inconvenience due to errors made by them.

The energy company agreed to offer the consumer a good will gesture of £50 and also issued a letter of apology to the consumer.