I am writing to try and resolve a dispute with my water supplier since November 2011

I am writing to try and resolve a dispute with my water supplier since November 2011 and it has reached deadlock.  My bill is typically around £100 and therefore was extremely shocked to receive a bill for approximately £1,230 in December 2011.  I have contacted the supplier to discuss this bill on numerous occasions and in response I was sent out a form to claim a non-return to sewer allowance and leakage allowance. 

In December 2010, a leak was discovered due to the severe frost.  The leak was repaired immediately upon discovery.  I did not send back the leakage allowance form, as I had been assured that the non-return to sewage allowance would be backdated and that it would potentially result in the company owing me money. 

However, this did not happen and so I was very shocked when told that the non-return to sewerage allowance would not be backdated prior to the date that I requested on the form.  Consequently, I have been left with a very large bill and have been told that I will not be entitled to the leakage allowance.

I have made frequent attempts to resolve this issue and a site visit from the water company is currently pending.   I am enormously frustrated with the responses I am receiving from the water company.  Therefore, your help and support would be greatly appreciated as I want this issue resolved as soon as possible.


The Consumer Council acknowledged and investigated this complaint immediately.

·        The company apologised for any confusion surrounding dates that had been quoted in its correspondence.

·        The company confirmed that the non-return to sewer allowance was backdated to the date when the consumer contacted them to request the application form in December 2011.

·        The company agreed to re-issue a leakage allowance questionnaire to the consumer.

·        On completion of the form the company refunded the consumer £634.82.

·        The consumer was satisfied with the outcome.