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18th January 2021

EU Exit: Telecoms

Information on the impact EU Exit will have to telecom services.

Last updated: 5 January 2021

Will there be mobile roaming charges in border areas of Northern Ireland?

Yes  you could face mobile roaming charges in border areas, when you cross into the Republic of Ireland and when you travel abroad. Rules around mobile data roaming are changing, meaning you may face charges when using your phone including making calls, sending messages or using the internet.

This depends on what your mobile provider decides to do, they may compete to offer free roaming deals to their customers. Check with them about their data roaming policy before you travel.

The UK Government has confirmed it will bring in legislation to put a cap on data usage when you are travelling abroad, preventing you from running up a huge bill without realising. This will replace existing EU rules.

If you are travelling abroad make sure you know how to turn off your mobile data roaming and use Wi-Fi services when possible. Streaming live television or sending video clips (MMS) could be expensive since they use large amounts of mobile data.

More information on data roaming is available on the website.