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13th April 2022

Cost of Living: Transport

Petrol and Diesel

Compare petrol and diesel prices in Northern Ireland using our Fuel Price Checker Tool

  • Access our petrol and diesel pricing tool using your desktop, tablet or mobile. Meaning you can use it anywhere or anytime.
  • It`s easy to use. Just click on the location and the prices pop up.
  • If you plan to travel why not use our Petrol and Diesel Pricing Tool to check the prices at your destination. They might be cheaper there.

Hints to save fuel

  • Keep your tyres inflated - this reduce the drag and ensures your car is running efficiently. 
  • Declutter your car - Less weight means less fuel used. 
  • Don’t fill your car up – fuel is heavy.  
  • Brake and accelerate less – they burn fuel. 
  • Avoid stopping and starting where possible – roll up slowly. 

Public Transport

There are a wide range to tickets available for different services and journeys.

You can buy tickets on board vehicles, in stations and some tickets can be bought on line. There are day, weekly and monthly tickets, multi journey tickets and annual tickets, all of which could save you money, depending on when and how you are travelling.

Translink staff can give you information on the best ticket for your travel needs. You can also get information by clicking here to visit the Translink website or by calling the Translink contact centre on 028 9066 6630.

Video: How to save on travel costs

Transport Knowledge Hub

For the last 10 years' the Consumer Council has collected price data across a number of categories including ferries, public transport, fuel and flights. This Transport Knowledge Hub provides you with this data in an interactive way. Click here to visit the Transport Knowledge Hub

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