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Personal Finances

08th July 2020

Budgeting and Free Budget Tools

It is very easy to lose track of what we spend from day to day. Many of us don’t have an idea of where our money goes.

Setting and keeping to a fixed budget can help ease financial worries. We have a number of resources to help you manage your income and outgoings.

Free Online Budgeting Tool

Our online interactive budgeting tool can help households get a handle on their spending and identify areas where they can perhaps save money. 

The tool provides examples of what typical households in Northern Ireland are spending so consumers can compare with how much they are spending.

To access the tool, please click here: BUDGET TOOL

Home Budget Planner

This will help to show you where your money goes, where you may be able to cut back and what money you need to try to put aside for unexpected bills.  It also helps with setting priorities for the essential bills such as the mortgage or rent, electricity and heating.

Christmas Budget Planner

This will help you budget for gifts and food shopping.

Spending Diary

This will help you see you’re spending habits over a period of time. Keeping a spending diary can help you work out a budget and writing down what you spend will help you think about how you spend your money and where it goes. To request a free copy call 0800 121 6022.