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05th June 2018

Water Efficiency

Using water wisely has many benefits, not only for the environment but also by lowering energy bills.

Around a quarter of a household’s energy bill comes from using hot water.  So by making simple changes you could make a big difference - to your pocket and to the environment. Here are some easy ways to save water and energy:

  • Consider taking a shower rather than having a bath;
  • Reduce your shower time to save hot water; 
  • Consider fitting a water efficient shower head;
  • When putting the kettle on only boil the amount of water you need (although remember to cover the element if you are using an electric kettle);
  • Fully load your dishwasher or washing machine before putting it on; and
  • Make sure pipes are insulated against frost.  Burst pipes can cause serious damage and waste large quantities of water.

For more information on saving money on your energy bills be being mroe energy efficient visit the Energy Saving Trust -   

For other great ways to save water in the home visit Waterwise -