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29th October 2018

Postal Complaints

Common postal issues can relate to lost, delayed, or damaged mail.

Check out our postal tool to find out about your postal rights, and whether you are entitled to compensation.


Misdelivered Mail

Another common postal problem is receiving someone else’s correctly addressed mail, which has been delivered to you by mistake. These items may be for a neighbour or for someone with a similar address.

What to do:

  • Give the item back to the postal company. Write 'misdelivered to', and your address, on the envelope/package and give it back to the postal company. For letters, it is likely Royal Mail delivered the item. For parcels, look for any label which tells you which postal company delivered the item.
  • Complain to the postal company. If it becomes an ongoing problem you should complain to the postal company which is wrongly delivering the item/s to your address. See our guide to Making a Postal Complaint.