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17th December 2019

Critical Care Registers

Information on the additional services offered by energy and water suppliers.

Customer Care Registers

All electricity and gas suppliers in Northern Ireland must keep a Customer Care Register with the details and special needs of customers who are of pensionable age, disabled (by virtue of being blind, partially sighted, deaf or hearing impaired) or chronically sick. Suppliers can provide free assistance and services to customers who register their details with them. These services include bills in different formats such as large print or Braille and password schemes to help identify representatives from a service provider. We have compiled a list of the services offered by the different companies below and a link with the contact details for all utility companies.

Critical Care Registers

Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks) and NI Water operate a Critical Care Register where they keep details of consumers who rely on electrical equipment or on a water supply for their day to day care. In the case of electricity customers this includes medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators, patient vital signs monitoring systems and home dialysis. NI Water's critical care register is for consumers with serious medical conditions.

Adding your details to this register will allow NI Water and NIE Networks to prioritise your contact details if your supply goes off.

In the event of a scheduled interruption by NIE Networks, it will contact you at least three days beforehand to let you know the expected duration of the interruption and in the event of a power cut or loss of supply you will be kept updated. In the event of an un-planned power cut your call will be given priority. NIE Networks will then contact you regularly during the power cut with up to date information.

NI Water will arrange an alternative water supply when there is a prolonged loss of service and give all customers 48 hours' notice when water services are scheduled to be off for longer than four hours.

Sign up to NI Water's care register.

Sign up to NIE's critical care register