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Two parking charge notices (PCNs) successfully appealed for one consumer

The Consumer Council was contacted by a consumer who had received two Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) back in 2021. At the time of receiving them, the consumer had appealed the PCNs but received no response. When he started to receive debt recovery letters he got concerned and tried to make contact with the parking operator but received no response.  He decided to make a formal complaint and sent the letter to the parking operator via recorded delivery.

Despite his efforts, the parking operator did not respond.

He continued to receive debt collection letters which caused him great anxiety and stress as they threatened legal action. The consumer felt like he had nowhere to turn to and couldn’t get help regarding the matter.


The Consumer Council decided to take the case on and in doing so we contacted the British Parking Association (BPA) to report the parking operator for breaching its Code of Practice as they had failed to respond to the appeal made by the consumer within the 35 day timeframe per the BPA guidance. We highlighted the poor customer service provided and how the formal complaint that was sent to the parking operator had also been ignored.


The BPA investigated the matter and confirmed that the parking operator had breached its Code of Practice by not responding to the appeal within 35 days and in light of this failing both PCNs had been cancelled. The BPA assured us that it was working with the operator to ensure that the failings were addressed and that measures would be taken to avoided the same issue reoccurring in the future.

The consumer was delighted with the outcome and felt a great sense of relief when the PCNs were cancelled.