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I never would have been able to resolve the complaint on my own

A consumer had a transport complaint. His service had been delayed by over an hour. However, when he asked what was happening, he then received poor customer service. He had been trying for months to resolve his complaint without success, so he contacted The Consumer Council.


  • The Consumer Council contacted the transport company and asked them to investigate. It became clear that it hadn’t been properly investigated when the consumer had raised it initially.
  • The passenger was invited to attend a meeting with three senior managers at the transport company.
  • The company apologised to the passenger for poor customer service.
  • The company organised staff training.
  • The company then put in place a dedicated, on-site complaints handler.
  • The company offered transport vouchers worth £180 as compensation to the passenger.
  • The consumer was very happy with the outcome and felt he couldn’t have achieved it on his own.