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I live mid-terrace and could not get a home heating oil delivery because of COVID-19

We were contacted by a consumer in Belfast who could not get a home heating oil delivery. Due to COVID-19, home heating oil delivery companies in their area would not deliver to the mid-terrace house. They stated that they would not come through the house and that their pipes were not long enough to use the alleyways. The consumer was presented with the option of buying emergency tubs. However, the price-per-litre of these tubs was very expensive. 


The consumer contacted us to ask for advice. We worked in collaboration with the Northern Ireland Oil Federation to contact various home heating oil companies to see if anyone could resolve the issue. 


As a result, a home heating oil delivery company from a different area of Belfast came forward who had procedures in place for delivering to mid-terrace houses while maintaining social distancing. We passed their details on to the consumer and they had an oil delivery within 48 hours.