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25th January 2019

“You can’t have your cake and eat it”, as Patisserie Valerie goes into administration

The Consumer Council’s advice to Patisserie Valerie customers who have gift vouchers

Patisserie Valerie announced on Tuesday 22 January that it had collapsed into administration, appointing KPMG as the administrator. The cake chain has three stores in Belfast, at Donegal Square, Castle Lane and Forestside Shopping Centre.

The announcement may have left many of its customers with gift cards or vouchers wondering what their rights are now.

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council said: “If a new company buys over the business, it will be at the new company’s discretion whether to honour gift cards or vouchers. If you have a Patisserie Valerie card/voucher, you could check with the person who bought it, if it was purchased using a credit or Visa card. If so, they may be able to secure a full refund from the card issuer, if the store refuses to honour the gift card or voucher”.

John added, “Over the last year the high street has seen many well-known retailers going into administration such as HMV and House of Fraser. The Consumer Council would encourage consumers who have gift cards or vouchers for any retailer to use them as soon as possible and to always check the expiry date”.

For more information and advice visit our website and download our guide “Company going out of business factsheet” or call 0800 121 6022.


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