20th December 2018

Travel chaos at Gatwick Airport - know your rights

The Consumer Council offers advice to passengers affected by the disruption

The Consumer Council is encouraging passengers who have been affected by the disruption at Gatwick Airport to know their passenger rights. 

The shutdown started on Wednesday night when two drones were spotted flying over the Gatwick Airport airfield. The incident has caused disruption for passengers flying in and out of the airport.

Jenny Redman, Senior Policy Officer at The Consumer Council, said “If your flight is delayed or cancelled you may be entitled to assistance such as meals, refreshments, telephone calls, emails or overnight accommodation while you wait. If your flight has been cancelled, the airline must offer you a choice between a refund or an alternative flight. As the disruption at Gatwick Airport is outside of an airline’s control, passengers will not be entitled to compensation. 

Jenny added, “The Consumer Council encourages passengers to check with their airline for regular updates and to know your rights when flights are delayed or cancelled.

“For passengers travelling to or from Northern Ireland who have been affected by the disruption and want to know more about their passenger rights, contact The Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022 or download our Plane Facts guide available at”.