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24th June 2015

Top travel complaints unveiled

‘Don’t let a cancellation cancel out your summer holiday’ urges the Consumer Council today as it enters the second week of its ‘Happy Holidays’ campaign. The campaign aims to equip holiday makers with information about their air and sea passenger rights and responsibilities.

This week the Consumer Council is focusing on the top travel complaints it receives and advising holiday makers on their rights should these mishaps occur during their holiday.  The top three travel complaints received by the Consumer Council are:

  • Delayed or cancelled flights
  • Unclear fare information
  • Lost or damaged luggage.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Transport explains: “The number one complaint we receive is about delayed and cancelled flights.   The Consumer Council can’t stress enough how important it is to know your rights and responsibilities when travelling.  Knowing your rights, such as your entitlement to refreshments during long delays or accommodation for overnight disruption can make travel disruptions much easier to bear.  Knowing if you are entitled to compensation and how to go about getting it, can also ease the stress of travel problems.  Last year the Consumer Council helped more than 730 travellers get back some £70,000 in goodwill gestures and compensation for disrupted travel plans.

“We also receive complaints about unclear flight pricing information.  To help consumers, the Consumer Council lists the additional charges applied to the flights of each airline operating in Northern Ireland, which range significantly from one airline to another.  We also help with complaints relating to lost or damaged luggage and provide detailed advice on what do to before you leave the airport should your luggage be damaged in our Plane Facts guides”.

Scott concluded: “If you have experienced delays or cancellations, lost or damaged luggage or have been caught out by unclear pricing when travelling, contact our Consumer Support team for free on 0800 121 6022  for advice and to find out if you are entitled to a refund or compensation”.

The Consumer Council’s travel guides Plain Facts, Plain Sailing, Access to Air Travel & Access to Ferry Travel for those with a disability or reduced mobility and travel podcasts are available to download from .

Notes to editors:

  1. To view our table of airline charges at a glance click here.
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