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13th October 2021

Securing the future of rural post offices in Northern Ireland

The Consumer Council has signed a joint letter with Citizens Advice England and Wales, Citizens Advice Scotland, Age UK, and Action with Communities in Rural England urging the Chancellor to continue to support rural post offices at the UK Government’s imminent Spending Review.

Nearly 2 in 3 post offices in Northern Ireland are located in rural communities. These branches provide vital consumer access to a range of highly valued essential services such as the universal postal service and banking services. This highlights the need for the UK Government to continue to support the rural post office network.

The UK Government currently provides a £50 million subsidy to support 4,000 post offices in staying open, 3,000 of which are rural areas through the UK. However, this subsidy is due to end in March 2022. 

Alongside the organisations listed above, we’re calling on the Chancellor to extend this support beyond March 2022 to ensure that the post office network can continue to make a vital contribution to our economy and society in rural areas.

Joint letter to Rt Hon Rishi Sunak MP - Securing the Future of Rural Post Offices