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01st August 2017

Save on your water and energy bills at Ballymena Livestock Market

The Consumer Council helps farmers save money

The Consumer Council is inviting Ballymena Livestock Market participants to bring along their energy and water bills on Friday 18 August to find out how they could save money.

Visitors to the market will receive free bill analysis to help reduce the cost of their energy bills, and to ensure their water bills are accurate and include the correct domestic allowance. 

John French, Chief Executive of The Consumer Council, said: “Many farm owners may not know they are entitled to a domestic allowance on their water bills. We look forward to attending Ballymena Livestock Market to advise farmers how to accurately check their water bills, check if allowances or reduced tariffs apply to them, and share ways to use water efficiently to save money.” 

“If they also bring along their household bill for electricity we can give an on-the-spot calculation as to how much they could save by switching their current tariff or supplier.” 

The Consumer Council has a range of guides to help farmers, including ‘Every Drop Counts’, a guide to help businesses and farms improve their water efficiency, get the best service and save money on their bills, as well as ‘Switch On – Electricity & Gas’, a guide to switching energy supplier. For a free copy visit or call 0800 121 6022.