Personal Finances
28th November 2007

PUTTING POUNDS TO WORK FOR PEOPLE - Reclaiming money from dormant bank and building society accounts

The Consumer Council today welcomed the Assembly's support for new legislation (1) that should reunite local people with forgotten money from old bank and building society accounts.

Alison Laird of the Consumer Council said: “This money still belongs to the people who opened these forgotten accounts.  They can claim it back now or at any time in the future by filling in a simple form that allows and banks and building societies to search for any forgotten accounts.

“Any money that isn’t claimed will be put to good use. The Government must set spending priorities so that the money is spent well and benefits people across Northern Ireland.  We look forward to continuing to play our part to ensure the best outcome for local consumers.”

The Consumer Council has produced a handy guide on how to check for old accounts and get your money back.  Visit for more information.

  1. Consumer Council media contact: Susie Brown, telephone, 028 9067 4807 or e-mail, [email protected].  
  2. The Consumer Council is an independent consumer organisation, working to bring about change to benefit Northern Ireland’s consumers. The Council campaigns for high standards of service and protection and a fair deal for all. It also carries out research, gives advice and publishes reports and other publications. It deals with individual complaints about electricity, natural gas, coal, passenger transport and water.
  3. For more information, visit our website at

Do you think you might have money lying around in a in a long forgotten bank or building society account? 

Maybe you can’t remember whether you closed an account or not.  You might not even remember which bank or building society it was with.  Click here for a handy guide which will help you check if you have a forgotten account and get your money back if you do.