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Post Offices transformed

Citizens Advice published its review of the Post Office restructuring programme, which started in 2012 and finished in 2018, supported by £2billion government investment. See below for the key highlights from the report.


There are 485 Post Office Outlets in the Northern Ireland network


68% of the Northern Ireland Post Office network was updated as part of the programme


Positive Outcomes

  • The number of post offices across the UK has remained stable
  • Geographical coverage has been preserved
  • Post Office Ltd is reporting positive financial results and lower operational expenditure
  • 2-in-3 branches have changed to new operating models integrated into retail outlets
  • Many branches are offering improved accessibility, shorter queues and longer opening times


  • The uncertain future of 3,000 rural branches across the UK after 2021, when UK Government support is expected to finish
  • Loss of revenue from declining letter volumes and the loss of government contracts
  • Some issues with disabled access, staff advice and availability of services over longer hours

Network Transformation and the role of The Consumer Council

The Consumer Council reviewed 6,000 pieces of consumer feedback about post offices relocatingThe Consumer Council often work collaboratively with Post Office Ltd to secure improvements to benefit consumers


  1. A new Code of Practice has been agreed between the statutory UK Consumer Advocacy Bodies (the Consumer Council, Citizens Advice and Citizens Advice Scotland) and Post Office Ltd. This ensures that consumers and local representatives across Northern Ireland will know about future changes to the Post Office network. It also ensures feedback will be sought for Post Office Ltd regarding significant changes.
  2. You can view the Code of Practice by clicking here.

Download our factsheet document 'Post offices transformed' below for further details.