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01st October 2018

Now's the time to save money

Make today the day you aim to bring down the cost of your home energy!

From 1 October electricity and gas price increases come into effect. Don’t delay any longer – take 10 minutes to hop onto The Consumer Council’s Energy Price Comparison Tool to shop around for a better deal. 

Four of the six energy suppliers in Northern Ireland have raised their prices, with tariff increases ranging from 10.9% to 18.2%. This represents an increase of up to £92 a year.

Richard Williams, Head of Energy at The Consumer Council, said: “The average household can make up to £89 of a saving on their annual electricity bill, and £44 savings on their gas bills. At a time when money is tight, and with the additional expense of Christmas looming, surely this money is better in your pocket than in an energy company’s?  

“Despite this, our research shows a shocking 70% of households in Northern Ireland do not shop around for the best price for their gas and electricity.” 

To use the free, independent and easy-to-use Energy Price Comparison Tool click here or call The Consumer Council freephone 0800 121 6022 where an advisor can help discuss your options.