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Consumer Skills
21st December 2015

Get a Head Start on Your New Year’s Resolutions: Save up to £100 by Switching Electricity Supplier.

The Consumer Council is advising people to get a head start on their New Year’s resolutions by checking whether they could save money by switching electricity supplier.

Richard Williams, Head of Energy at the Consumer Council said: “We have recently seen two new electricity suppliers enter the market in Northern Ireland, which means households now have six suppliers to choose from.  The Consumer Council tracks the tariffs offered by each and puts the information on our website to help people see if they could save money by switching.  Currently our price comparison table is showing potential savings of up to £98, plus a £30 one-off bonus, which could offset the price of a few Christmas presents!


“The biggest savings come when you switch not only your supplier but also your payment method. So it is important to look at all the elements, for example could you also move to direct debit payments or paperless billing?” said Richard.


Switching is simple. There is no interruption to supply.  All you have to do is contact the supplier you wish to switch to and they will manage the process.  There will be no change to your household wiring or meter, you will just start getting bills from your new supplier.


“We encourage all consumers to check the Consumer Council’s online price comparison table at or contact us on 0800 121 6022 or via facebook or twitter for more information.  We also have a simple ‘Switch On’ guide to switching electricity supplier for anyone who would like some guidance about the process,” concluded Richard.