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Get the Consumer Council’s Strike Factsheet if You’re Flying to or From Spain Today

The Consumer Council has urged any passengers due to travel to or from Spain today to contact their airline before leaving for the airport. It has also produced a factsheet to help passengers understand their rights if travel plans are disrupted. Copies are available by contacting the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022, by emailing or via, facebook or twitter.

Today's strike by Spanish trade unions is expected to cause some disruption to flights operating to and from Northern Ireland and Dublin airports.

Outlining affected passengers' rights, Scott Kennerley, Consumer Council Head of Transport said, "If your flight is cancelled your airline is required to offer you a choice between a full refund and an alternative flight, either at the earliest opportunity or at a later date convenient for you.

"If you are delayed for more than two hours (for flights under 1,500 km) or three hours (for flights between 1,500 and 3,500 km) you are entitled to free meals and refreshments and two free telephone calls or emails while you wait. If your flight is delayed by five hours or more you are entitled to a full refund if you choose not to travel.

"For those whose flight is delayed but the airline does not provide this assistance, you should keep the receipts for any meals and refreshments you buy. On your return send copies of these receipts to the airline along with a request for a full refund. If you made essential calls on your mobile during the delay, you should also send a copy of your bill with the calls highlighted. In the case of a strike additional compensation will not be offered to passengers whose flights are delayed or disrupted.

Referring to the obligations of the airlines, Scott added, "It is essential that airlines provide affected passengers with information regarding the extent of the disruption and provide the passengers with assistance while they wait.

"Consumers, including those with mobility issues, can find out more about their rights with our 'Plane Facts' and 'Access to Air Travel' leaflets and can get free copies by calling the Consumer Council on 0800 121 6022, or by emailing Passengers can also contact the Consumer Council and tell us about their experiences via facebook and twitter."


Notes to Editor
It is expected that Spanish airport service providers, including refuelling, baggage handling and security staff, as well as local transport operators, will participate across the country.

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