06th July 2015

Eligible travellers should avail of special assistance services this summer

The Consumer Council is reminding those air and sea passengers with a disability or reduced mobility to book special assistance services in advance as they can help reduce difficulties and stress when travelling.

The call to action comes in week three of the Consumer Council’s ‘Happy Holidays’ campaign.  The campaign aims to equip holiday makers with key information about their air and sea passenger rights and responsibilities.

Scott Kennerley, Head of Policy Transport at the Consumer Council explains:  “A Consumer Council survey shows awareness levels of special assistance services is low amongst travellers with a disability or reduced mobility.  We would encourage all travellers who could avail of the services to request them at least 48 hours before travelling or when they book their journey.  All types of disabilities are covered including hidden disabilities such as learning disabilities, autism and hearing loss.  A passenger may have a reduced mobility because of their age, temporary illness or a broken leg and they too can avail of the service.

Scott concludes:  “Airlines, airports, ferry companies and port operators work hard to provide the special assistance each passenger needs.  However, if you have received a poor level of assistance and are not happy with the response to your complaint, contact the Consumer Council’s Consumer Support Team on 0800 121 6022.  We can take up the complaint on your behalf for free and work towards a positive resolution.”

For more information on the special assistance available when travelling by air and sea, the Consumer Council has two publications available, Access to Air Travel (also available in Easy Read format) and Access to Ferry Travel.  For your free copy call us on 0800 121 6022 or download from our website”.