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01st October 2021

Electric Ireland set to increase electricity prices for the third time this year

Electric Ireland have announced it will be increasing electricity prices by 13.5% for customers from 1 November 2021. This announcement today means that, in the last 10 months, it has increased prices by over 27%. The typical credit meter and keypad (PAYG) customers will see their bills rise by around £87 per year.

Raymond Gormley, Head of Energy Policy at the Consumer Council, said: “This news will adversely impact all Electric Ireland customers already experiencing financial pressures on their household budget especially considering it is the third increase by the supplier this year. Consumers who are struggling with their energy bills should contact their supplier directly to find out how they can help during this time.

“The Consumer Council would encourage all consumers to think about ways they can reduce their energy costs. Switching payment option, changing billing method or switching supplier can save some money.”

Electric Ireland have confirmed that as part of their licensing agreement, there will be no exit fee applied to customers who switch to another supplier before 31 October 2021. To support consumers in the switching process The Consumer Council’s website ( has a free independent energy price comparison tool which empowers consumers to compare all electricity and gas tariffs across Northern Ireland in one place.

Raymond added: “The Consumer Council will continue to work with our energy companies and the Utility Regulator on the development of initiatives to help consumers experiencing payment difficulties.”

Consumers can also get in touch with the Consumer Council for free independent advice by calling Freephone 0800 121 6022 or by emailing