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Consumer Skills
29th April 2008


The Consumer Council and CCEA are helping young people understand how the consumer choices they make today affect all our lives and environment with Ecoworld - a unique new web-based game launched yesterday (29 April). Ecoworld is designed to help young people start good habits early so that making responsible choices about the food we eat, the energy and water we use, how we travel and the waste we create become second nature.

Eco in Action

World-famous botanist and environmental campaigner, Professor David Bellamy, OBE, Martin McGuinness, Deputy First Minister and star of Ecoworld, Eco himself launched the game at W5.  The event included Eco’s guided tour of his online home developed by CCEA plus dance and drama from St Louise’s Comprehensive College, Belfast.

Eleanor Gill, Chief Executive of the Consumer Council said: “If we want to create real and positive change in how we live, we have to change our behaviour as consumers.  Where better to start than with the young where turning lights and taps off, using fewer plastic bags and cutting down on waste are part of life and will pass naturally from one generation to the next. 

“Helping to take better care of our planet is an awesome task.  Each one of us can take small steps every day that will make a big difference to our lives, our environment and our planet now and in the future.  Young people are incredibly tuned into technology. Ecoworld’s virtual world brings these small but important steps to life and makes it real.  As well as schools, Ecoworld can be used in youth groups, community centres and in our homes – the possibilities are endless.”

Professor David Bellamy, OBE said: “I am delighted to be helping to launch this very special game with the Consumer Council and CCEA.  Ecoworld will help young people make the right decisions about their homes, schools, communities and lifestyles.” 

Neil Anderson, Acting Chief Executive of CCEA said: “One of the objectives of the revised curriculum is to teach our young people to be responsible citizens and to view themselves as contributors to society. Ecoworld is a unique resource to help them understand that our actions have an impact on the environment and that the little things we do can help protect it.  Children adapt so quickly with the pace of technological change and as educators, we must provide learning resources they can relate to. Ecoworld is an innovative means of reaching children with these messages and above all it’s fun.”

For more information on Ecoworld, contact the Consumer Council on 9067 2488 or see how easy it is for you to do your bit at



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