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02nd April 2004


<p>The General Consumer Council has today welcomed the Ian Pearson, Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Investment’s statement on moves to deal with the gas increase.</p>

Eleanor Gill, Chief Executive of the Council said:  “The Council is pleased that the Minister is pursuing the two issues of gas price increases and long term licensing renegotiation.  The urgency with which the Minister is addressing the issues will also be welcome news to the 68,000 customers here who are paying on average 30 per cent more in their gas bills since October 2003.  This is an increase which many can ill afford to pay.

The Council continues to play its part with others to restore consumer confidence and to ensure that we have a successful and sustainable gas industry here.”

The Council is asking consumers who need advice or support about gas issues to contact them on 0845 601 6022.


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